Our Mission

South Shore Men of Harmony Chapter Mission

Our by-laws state that we are a singing fraternity of men whose mission is to perpetuate the close-harmony, four-part a cappella music known as barbershop by sharing it and their love for it with people of all ages throughout our community; and by encouraging vocal music in our educational systems and community as a life-long recreational activity and an essential element in one’s cultural well being

We are pledged……..

*To promote and encourage vocal harmony an good fellowship among our members;
*To perpetuate the old American institution, the barbershop quartet;
*To promote the community appreciation of barbershop style harmony;
*To serve the musical needs of all current and potential members by providing and actively supporting a wide variety of both barbershop and quartet opportunities.
*To develop and maintain effective strategies to promote improved singing capabilities of our members both as individuals and as chorus.
*To develop and promote education of our members and out community in music appreciation.
*To initiate, promote and participate in charitable projects.
*To support the mission and goals of the Barbershop Harmony Society, a Society of which we are members, and as a group of members, organized into a chapter.

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