History of the Scituate Chapter

The Scituate Chapter (South Shore Men of Harmony) was chartered in 1951.  But its true beginnings began in 1949.  A composer/writer named Leonard J (Lenny) Linnehan had posted a church bulletin looking for interested men to sing harmony.  He started teaching the 6 men who replied and the number grew until they were chartered by SPEBSQSA in 1951 with 20 men.

The chapter is a part of the Northeastern District that is comprised of 67 chapters with over 2700 members. The Society now called the Barbershop Harmony Society has over 35.000 members in over 800 chapters in the USA and Canada, with affiliated organizations in Australia., Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, and Scandinavia.

Barbershop music, like jazz, is strictly an American style or heritage. To some degree, it started in barbershops where men waiting for haircuts would harmonize to the old songs. Each year, our chapter traditionally sponsors a show in a format that features our chorus, chapter quartets, and a top district or international quartet. Throughout the year our chapter chorus and recently organized senior chorus performs in public for both charitable and paid functions.

The chapter also participates in Society division and district competitions where choruses and quartets are able to compete against their peers. These competitions provide a great opportunity for chapter members and their family and friends, to get together and socialize with other chapters; there is time to make new friendships and renew old ones. Scituate has consistently places qualified in the division contest over the years and earned the right to compete in the district level contest. Since the Fall contests are usually held in places like Montreal, Lake Placid, or Saratoga Springs, chapter members make these events an enjoyable weekend involving travel with family and friends.

One thought on “History

  1. It is nice to view your website. The chapter may have been officially chartered in 1951, but it was founded in 1949 by my father, Leonard J. Linnehan. I believe that he put a notice in the church bulletin at St. Mary’s and he started coaching the 6 men who replied to his ad.
    My purpose in seeking your website is that I am editing all of the items in my house, formerly my parents’ house and there is a collection of vintage barbershop items. Is anyone in the chapter interested in taking a look at them? If so, please contact me via email.


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